We are a New England based, eager to travel, husband + wife wedding photographer duo.

In today's world, there are photographers galore.  Read on to learn more about how we work and if we would be the right choice for your wedding day.


Documentary is Our Style

Our hope is to work with couples who understand and are excited about how we work.  We provide direction when needed, but prefer to photograph emotions and events as they unfold.  We both work in other realms in the photo industry and bring our skills from those ventures to the table.  We have a sincere appreciation for the art.  We may be the right fit for you if you feel connected to our work and know you could trust us to do our thing on your day - so you can just be.  


Travel is Our Inspiration

We love to travel.  Every wedding we have photographed together has required us to drive a few hours in the least, if not fly to a different coast.  New locations are exciting to us and we embrace unpredictable weather.  We have photographed couples in many settings - from city streets, to mountain summits and even in sailboats.  




Out of the Ordinary is Our Ordinary

What is a "normal" wedding?  We really can't say.  When we both started out, we photographed traditional weddings.  Since venturing into wedding photography together, we find we fit best with those who are striving to have their wedding be a true representation of their personalities and passions.  Chances are, the farther off the beaten path your wedding ideas stray, the more imaginative we can become.  We are photographers, after all, because we enjoy being creative.